CTS Driving Academy

Center for Transportation Safety (CTS) is a commercial motor vehicle driver training service.

Through CTS Driving Academy, the academic training arm of CTS, we partner with educational institutions around the U.S. to offer an affordable, hands-on CDL preparation course that meets and exceeds federal standards for newly licensed drivers by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

▪ Provide students a competitive advantage through in-demand job placements
▪ Access to increased revenue / funding opportunities
▪ Offer differentiating curriculum
▪ Become the solution for current commercial driver shortages in your community
▪ Develop strategic partnerships with local businesses in need of CDL holders
▪ Acquire the value of an established Motor Carrier


Since 2014, Center for Transportation Safety – CTS Driving
Academy has maintained a high percentage of success

Through our program, institutions can offer students:
▪ Four-to-one, student-to-instructor ratio over a 160-hour course
▪ Instructors with over 10+ years of safe driving experience

The course consists of comprehensive classroom lessons and
behind-the-wheel training conducted on site at your school. Center for Transportation Safety manages:
▪ DOT Motor Carrier Licensing and Compliance
▪ Instructors and Administrative Personnel
▪ Equipment
▪ Required Insurance

Once the program is adopted, we:
▪ Work with partners to coordinate classroom facilities and secure locations for vehicle skills training
▪ Place an application with the necessary state entities responsible for certification.*
▪ Assist in establishing the enrollment process
▪ Obtain requirements for all new drivers with the Department of
Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Administration

*Where applicable – Certification processes vary

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